Hi, my name is Darren Monroe. I started launching websites in 2005 from a FEMA paid for hotel, running away from Hurricane Katrina. Since that time, I have sold over 100,000 Programs, Products, and Services. But it was a road filled with many humbling moments.

Even though I've sold a TON of high quality products, I also take into account how much I learned from my failures. And I offer you the chance to laugh, learn, and prosper from them as well. After creating over 100+ products, I know I can guide you through this process, the right way.

4 Simple Quick Product Creation Areas


My simple way to build instant framework outlines for product creation so that they consume your digital products easily

FORMAT Secrets

Learn how to build the BEST and QUICKEST formats that are also the MOST profitable online

CAPTIVATING Content Secrets

You will NEVER lose their attention again with captivating content that keeps them glued and ENGAGED your trainings

SIMPLE Online Delivery

Use the SIMPLEST methods to quickly deliver your products ranging between $10 and $100 dollars


Join me LIVE for an ENTERTAINING walk through of the ENTIRE workshop where I BARE ALL (well not all). 

But you get to see the not so bad part about EXPOSING yourself in your Product Creation to reveal the REAL person and WHY that matters

BONUS Case Studies

Watch me actually CREATE Products, Programs, and workshops right in front of your very eyes. 

Hey it is one thing to do it but another to SEE and SHOW it.

Darren Monroe's Product Creation Workshop

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase just email my support at Quesswho@DarrenMonroe.com and I will refund the 100% of your purchase no questions asked